For over forty years, faithful to our origins

and open to the world

A unified communication strategy

A process of strategic updating and rebranding strengthens Interpump Hydraulics’ position as a market leader in the development, production and distribution of power take-offs, pumps, valves, cylinders and other hydraulic components.

Establishment of the Russian branch

The Group expands its global presence with the opening of the Russian branch based in Moscow

German branch

With a view to further expanding the company’s global presence and improving its service offering, HyPress Germany is established, known today as “Interpump Fluid Solutions”.

Leadership mondiale

In coerenza con la strategia di crescita organica e con l’obiettivo di realizzare un vero e proprio polo industriale internazionale con ruolo di leadership mondiale, il Gruppo acquisisce il controllo di Mega Pacific Pty Ltd (Australia) e Mega Pacific NZ Pty Ltd (Nuova Zelanda) che si caratterizza per una forte presenza sul territorio con ben 11 filiali.

Global leadership

In line with the organic growth strategy and with the aim of creating a real international industrial hub with a world leadership role, the Group acquires Mega Pacific Pty Ltd (Australia) and Mega Pacific NZ Pty Ltd (New Zealand), gaining a strong presence in the territory with a total of 11 branches.

Fusione dei 3 brand in IPH

Nel 2015 si realizza la fusione di P.Z.B., Hydrocar e H.S. Penta in Interpump Hydraulics S.p.A.

Interpump Hydraulics Perù

In July 2015, with the aim of strengthening its presence in the South American market, the Group establishes the Peruvian branch based in Lima.

Acquisition of H.S. Penta Africa

The Group acquires HS PENTA AFRICA giving life to IPH South Africa which today has 4 offices for an increasingly widespread presence in this important market.

The Middle Eastern branch joins the Group

Interpump Hydraulics Middle East Fze branch is founded with headquarters in Dubai with the aim of more effectively penetrating the Middle Eastern market.

Interpump Uk

The Group continues its expansion by creating a subsidiary in the United Kingdom, today merged into Interpump Fluid Solution U.K.

Entry into the Brazilian market

In 2011 Interpump merges with Takarada Indústria and Comércio Ltda, the main producer of power take-offs in Brazil.

IPH France

PZB France and Hydrocar France, already acquired by the Group, merge into IPH FRANCE S.a.r.l.

Further expansion

Between 2008 and 2009, by means of acquisitions of companies or controlling stakes in companies operating in the production and trade of hydraulic cylinders and related components, Interpump Hydraulics expands its business networks to include: Oleodinamica Modenflex S.p.A.; H.S. Penta S.p.A., Contarini Leopoldo S.r.l., Cover S.r.l. and Oleodinamica Panni S.r.l.

Joint Venture with Weifu Hydraulics Co. LTD

The Group enters the Chinese market, signing a Joint Venture with Wuxi Interpump Weifu Hydraulics Co., LTD, in which it holds 65% of its shares.

The Indian experience begins

Interpump Hydraulics India Pvt Ltd. is founded and in the space of four glorious years grows from a modest 6-member company to a strong 66-member organization across three locations in India.

Complete integration

In 2004 – Hydrocar S.r.l. and PZB Oleodinamica Pederzani & Zini S.p.A. merge to form Interpump Hydraulics S.p.A., formerly named Hydrocar Group S.p.A.


The Group acquires control over Hydroven to consolidate the sectors in which it operates and thereby strengthen the position of the hydraulic Sector.

Muncie Power joins The Group

The agreement for the acquisition of Muncie Power Products finalized, one of the leading manufacturers of power take-offs, hydraulic pumps and other hydraulic components in the US market. With this acquisition, IPH becomes the only manufacturer in the world operating in both European and American markets, and a global leader.

PZB – Hydrocar

In 1997 the acquisition of PZB – Oleodinamica Pederzani & Zini S.p.A. takes place: a company active in the sector of hydraulically operated components since the first post-war period. 1998 sees the acquisition of another important producer operating in the Italian market, Hydrocar S.r.l., and subsidiaries.

The Interpump Group is founded

The Interpump Group is founded by Dr. Fulvio Montipò in 1977 in S. Ilario d’Enza (RE), as a result of his entrepreneurship and intuitions, including the use of innovative materials to produce high-pressure piston pumps that are more compact and manageable than those offered by competitors.


Nata come holding del settore oleodinamico, IPH ha incorporato Hydrocar, Oleodinamica Pederzani e Zini (PZB) , Penta, Panni, Modenflex, Hydroven, Contarini.

Dal 2007, Interpump è presente in Cina e India con due società dotate di capacità sia commerciale produttiva, mentre nel corso del 2006 si è perfezionata in Brasile la fusione di Takarada, Osper e Walvoil in una sola società, Interpump Hydraulics Brasil, al fine di meglio presidiare l’importante mercato.

“Our strategic goal: organic growth from the enhancement of new skills”