Our customers at

the core of our activities

Customer service

Il valore aggiunto di IPH

Always close to the customer

From pre-sales to delivery, and including after-sales, the customer is always at the centre of our attention, with an approach that favours direct contact and interpersonal relationships.

Customer care

Our customer care service guarantees day-to-day support. Customers can count on an internal customer care advisor addressing their requests or needs promptly.

We believe that a direct and personal relationship facilitates an efficient response, decreasing waiting times and improving the overall service.


Our after-sales department employs a highly specialized team of

technicians to handle assistance requests from all over the world.

The process involves onsite and online interventions with dedicated personnel trained in the use of 8D problem-solving techniques, in accordance with ISO certification; the speed of intervention is guaranteed by our widespread presence and by a network of authorized workshops.

To optimise this service, a dedicated Training Team focuses on the training of internal and external personnel.

“Customer care: a behaviour that becomes an attitude”